Building Incredible Athletes

Train in Melbourne’s premier athletic development centre for sportspeople of all levels.

We will help you every step of the way to becoming the strongest, quickest and fittest version of you imaginable.


Open to athletes of all sports and levels, our state-of-the-art gym has built a culture of hard work, motivation and professional coaching support providing all athletes the perfect training environment reach their goals. If you’re an athlete who wants to be better then Core Advantage is the place for you.

Train with your own fully customised sport specific strength and conditioning program based on your unique biomechanical needs, athletic testing results and goals.

Every athlete undergoes a baseline testing session to assess their current athletic profile before they begin training on their individualised program. 

  • Injury risk assessment and baseline performance testing help us see where you are now and where you need to be:

    • ACL risk and knee stability

    • Hamstring strength

    • Ankle stability

    • Core strength

    • Shoulder and hip range of motion and strength

  • Overall physical movement quality, mobility and core stability

  • Power, strength and fitness performance

  • Jumping, sprinting and agility performance

Our experienced team of coaches knows how to get results.

Whether you train in our high performance centre or remotely using our online training platform, every Core Advantage athlete is closely monitored, supervised and given all the support they need to unlock their potential.



Partnered Teams


Melbourne’s Premier Athletes Only Gym

Established in 1999 Core Advantage is Melbourne’s most trusted athletic development provider. We train athletes from all sports, helping them improve strength, power, speed and agility as well as building resilience though our prehab, rehab and return to play programs.

With training and programming available for individuals and teams both online and in our state of the art our high performance centre, we can help you and your team maximise your potential.


Every Core Advantage athlete receives:

  • Ongoing individualised speed, agility, strength and conditioning programming

  • Unlimited weekly training sessions in the Core Advantage High Performance Centre

  • A home training program to increase your performance gains

  • Ongoing performance testing and screening

  • An individualised holiday program to keep you fit and ready for when you get back

  • The Core Advantage warm up guide for reducing injury risk and enhancing performance

  • 15% off nutrition consultations with Geelong Cats Dietician Dr Dominique Condo

Training works best when you have a friend to train with.

Bring a sibling or friend and you will each receive 50% off your initial testing session and 10% off your weekly memberships.



Core Advantage athletes have gone on to compete at the highest level in their sports, including Australian representation and division 1 US college scholarships:


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