The Secret to Curing Osgood-Schlatter Disease: 7 week pain elimination program


Our program teaches athletes how to rapidly strengthen their way out of Osgood Schlatters and get back to playing the sport they love pain free in a matter of days or weeks.

The key to its success is a multidimensional approach which attacks the root cause of the condition from all angles: The program takes just a few minutes per day and involves a unique combination of massage, flexibility, strength and movement skill training. 

We will provide you with all the information and support needed to complete the program, along with a week-by-week schedule helping you every step of the way as you cure Osgood Schlatters forever.

$45 USD



How did Core Advantage come up with this program?

The short answer is necessity. The eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia are home to more registered junior Basketballers than anywhere else in the world. The popularity of Basketball, plus other tall athlete sports such as Netball, Australian Rules Football and Cricket, means that Osgood Schlatter Disease is very prevalent in Melbourne. On top of that great need, we also have the good fortune of being able to work with some of the best researchers in the field who also happen to live in our city. All we had to do was join the dots from sports science to strength and conditioning and refine it with practical application to our Osgood prone population. This program is the culmination of that hard work, lots of case studies and the luck of timing and location.

Typically, what results should an Osgood Schlatters athlete expect with this program?

Athletes with Osgood Schlatters come in all shapes and sizes, however the most common presentation is rapidly growing girls or boys, between 10-16 years of age, playing a high volume of sport with great intensity. These young athletes often present with pain levels of around seven out of ten when they start this program. Within the first seven days their pain is reduced by 50%. By day 21 most athletes are at a one or zero out of ten. By the end of the seven weeks the vast majority of athletes do not get any Osgood pain again.

What is your best result ever?

Our best result ever, happened in February 2017 when a 16 year-old girl came into our gym with such bad Osgood-Schlatters that she was on crutches! Natasha had suffered from episodes of Osgood for four years with the latest being the worst. Following our program, Natasha was off the crutches in 24 hours, and happily playing sport 21 days later.

Can I keep playing sport while doing this program?

As long as your case isn't as extreme as Natasha's you should be fine to keep playing and training, however it often helps to cut back by around 10% or even just take 72 hours of rest from running and jumping at the start of the program to let the knee calm down enough that you can actually start strengthening the quadriceps.

Do anti-inflammatories / knee straps / ice / pain killers help?

All of these solutions really are Band-Aids; they are superficial approaches that deal with the symptoms rather than attack the root cause of the problem. Painkillers should be avoided at all costs as they are masking the problem and potentially encouraging athletes to create long lasting damage. The best way to rapidly and permanently eradicate Osgood is to strategically work your way out of the problem not pop a pill or stick on a strap. 

How important is the movement skill component of the program?

Very very important! Tall young athletes often run like baby Giraffes. They desperately need movement skill training. Unfortunately, part of the reason Osgood Schlatter Disease is become more common is that movement skill is at an all time low as junior athletes do much less exploratory play (Climbing trees, playing tag, etc) and are almost exclusively either on screens and the couch or on a court in a structured sporting situation with less general play than any other generation.

Do I have to join a gym

Nope, provided you have land and gravity you are all set. 

Does the program always work?

Yes 100% of the time. In the gym we have never met a case of Osgood we couldn’t fix. Everyone who puts in the work gets amazing results. Obviously delivering these results over the Internet is a bigger challenge than in person, however we have spent a lot of time creating an online program that provides all the resources, instructions and tools to replicate everything we do in our gym with our junior athletes. Good luck!


The Secret to Curing Osgood Schlatter Disease: 7 week pain elimination program

$45 USD