Thursday, June 30

SPEED CAMP.001.jpeg
SPEED CAMP.001.jpeg

Thursday, June 30


Develop the basic mechanics of great speed and acceleration for basketball.

9.30am - 4.30pm

Lunch included

Limited to 25 participants

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Every athlete needs speed, but most athletes are missing the simple fundamentals that can actually make them faster. 


In basketball, acceleration wins games. Having an explosive first step is what allows great basketballers to blow by opponents or break a press. Unfortunately most basketballers are training for top speed or endurance, but not acceleration.

People tend to think sprinting as just running but faster - it is not that simple. Sprinting is a skill that needs to be broken down in to its components, and often does not come naturally. 

In this camp we unpack proper sprint mechanics and get each athlete to work through a simple process that has an immediate impact on their speed performance. We also spend time teaching the tools to train for acceleration correctly for the rest of their athletic career.

In this camp athletes will learn:

  • Our world leading warm-up to reduce injury risk, minimise delayed onset muscle soreness, and improve overall athleticism
  • Techniques to remove biomechanical handbrakes that can unlock great performance improvement
  • How to sprint properly, and how to get into sprinting position quickly
  • Drills to develop a more reactive and explosive first step
  • The theory behind good sprinting and acceleration
  • How to train for better acceleration and game performance


This camp is an introductory level program for basketballers between 13-17 years old. 

Lunch will be provided (Subway sandwich platters). Please let us know of food allergies in advance.

If you have previously attended one of our team workshops a small amount of the content will be familiar, but this day will go in to much further detail and address your individual needs. The camp is not appropriate for current Core Advantage members.

It is important that participants are prepared to work and are not carrying any injuries. You may experience some level of DOMS in the days following the camp.

All participants should arrive at 9am for a 9.30am start.